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Get Linkedin Skill Endorsements

Improve Your Linkedin Profile By Getting Your Skills Endorsed By Professionals On Linkedin

Project Description

As soon as you start with LinkedIn, you should have two goals: get connections and get LinkedIn skill endorsements. Without these two assets, you can’t expect much from your account. However, while connections are great and will build your network, skill endorsements are what’s important.

Your resume is one thing: it tells people what you claim you’ve done. But when you get LinkedIn endorsements, interested parties know others will vouch for your skills. It’s an automatic reference that the whole world can see. If you’ve waited patiently for people to provide you with endorsements, simply automate the process by buying them instead.

Upon placing the order you will receive invitations for connections. As only your connections can endorse your skills. Once you have accepted the invitations of connections they will endorse your skills.

Only the skills which you have added to your profile and which appear as default or suggested by linkedin will be endorsed.

Choose Your Package

100 Linkedin Endorsements

Rs. 2000

500 Linkedin Endorsements

Rs. 4000

No. of Endorsements 100 500
100% Real People
User Location India India
Gender Both (Male & Female) Both (Male & Female)
Maximum Delivery Time 1 Week 2 Week
Unlimited Guarantee